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My Pet has Been Poisoned! Help!

Our pets are very curious and will often eat anything they can get their mouth on. Accidental poisonings are actually quite common, here are some helpful tips to help us most successfully treat your pet.

FIRST – If your pet has consumed something, especially a human medication or plant, do not assume that everything will be fine. Some of the most common pain controls available for humans are actually quite lethal in dogs and cats even in the smallest quantities. Something else to be aware of is that making your pet vomit is not always the way we treat the ingestion of a toxin. Some poisons/toxins can actually cause a lot more damage if vomited up. For this reason, if you suspect your pet has ingested something potentially toxic, we strongly suggest that you contact one of the Animal Poison Helplines listed below. *A small fee may apply.

The agent will look up what your pet’s ingested and give you information about the product (poisonous?), the treatments (if any), and give you a case number. If your pet needs to be seen by a veterinarian, then please call us immediately and bring all information and the case number with you so we initiate treatments or can the poison helpline for further instructions if needed.

If you are not sure what to do, please call us immediately and we will give you guidance on the best approach given your situation.

SECOND – Bring the packaging of the product that was consumed. Often times we can call the company and obtain more information about the product, or instructions on the decontamination process.

THIRD – Do not wait and see. Some poisons are very quickly absorbed and even hesitating for 30-60 minutes may mean the difference between reversible vs. non-reversible effects.

Poison Help Links: