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Emergencies happen when we least expect it and treatments can be costly. We all want to be able to accept gold standard care but too often costs stand in the way of making that decision. Pet insurance is the difference between making a good decision vs. making a great decision on treatment for your furry family. Knowing that you don’t have to worry about costs is one less thing to worry about in times of an emergency. We at Cassells Animal Hospital, want you to always be able to make the best choice for your pet’s care. We have put together a list (below) of insurance companies who you may contact and inquire about pet insurance for your furry friend.

Tips when shopping for pet insurance and what you need to know:

1. Make sure you compare companies and their costs

2. Make sure you ask questions:

  1. What is a typical deductible?
  2. What if my pet gets the same injury more than once, is there a limit? Will my insurance costs go up? Will he/she stop being covered?
  3. If you have a purebred dog or a breed/mix – emergencies/diseases that aren’t covered?
  4. What are the different packages available:
      1. Emergency/illness only
      2. Emergency/illness/annual vet care (including vaccines, flea/tick/heartworm preventions
      3. Other packages?
  5. When looking for insurance for an older pet, make sure to ask whether they would cover some of the health issues that may have been encountered in the past.

3. Make a list of questions and write down the answer from each company, then make a decision.

4. Make sure you call your home and auto insurance companies too as some do offer pet insurance as well.

5. The best time to buy pet insurance is when you first adopt that new kitten or puppy when there are no pre-existing health issues. Most (99.9%) of insurance companies will not cover your pet for any pre-existing diseases (or some recurrent accidents) once documented in a medical record.

Please note that we do not sell pet insurance, nor do we have specific details about what each company offers. However, if you want to discuss whether or not pet insurance is right for your furry friend, we can certainly help with that. Speak to one of our lovely veterinarians at your pet’s next visit and they can review your pet’s medical history and make those recommendations to you.